CSLewisDoodle BBC Radio Talk 10

The Practical Conclusion by C.S. Lewis Doodle (BBC Talk 10, Mere Christianity, Bk 2, Chapter 5)

Description: When this broadcast was made, Nazism was at the Zenith of its power. Freedom & democracy had been wiped from continental Europe due to an agreement between Hitler & Stalin, that divided Poland – the Nazis’ only remaining enemy in the east. This allowed Hitler to turn on the Western Allies with full force without fear. With the West won, Hitler turned on Stalin. The self-proclaimed “supermen”, Nazis & Communists, were now locked in a life-&-death struggle as to which brand of socialism would triumph.
This broadcast was made on the ‘For the Forces’ Radio station in the UK, & was the third Lewis broadcast to be heard by the American GI’s who had arrived in Belfast the previous month.

Source: https://youtu.be/dRAGSrsLzaY