CSLewisDoodle BBC Radio Talk 11a

The ‘Cardinal Virtues’ by C.S. Lewis Doodle (BBC Talk 11a, Mere Christianity, Bk 3, Chapter 2)

Description: How are your cardinal virtues at the moment? Are they needing a bit of WD-40/a lube? In the last talk of this series, C.S. Lewis illustrated morality with ships sailing in convoy during WWII. In this new chapter, Lewis looks at morality in the way the ancient writers divided the subject…

This chapter started out as an accident. Lewis wrote a radio address for 15mins, but the BBC only allowed him 10mins, and so this section was cut out. But it is just as well, as this additional part ended up being printed in the book version of the talks called ‘Christian Behaviour’, which later became Chapter 2 of Book 3, in the book called ‘Mere Christianity’.

Source: https://youtu.be/_qBPjU6fx3Y