CSLewisDoodle BBC Radio Talk 25

The New Man by C.S. Lewis Doodle (BBC Talk 25, Mere Christianity, Bk 4, Chapter 3 & 11)

Description: Transport yourself back to the 7th April, 1944, with a broadcast with C.S. Lewis’ actual voice. This was his final broadcast to the nation in the very nervous days before D-Day. The nervousness was quite understandable, as success was by no means guaranteed, & the consequences of failure were so very dire. Lewis addresses time, & those things beyond it, & also the ‘New Man’, the birth of Christ’s personality in you.

Some creative license has been taken with the introduction of a soundtrack of an actual Nazi German newsreel & the Churchill broadcast around that time in order to give you some context to the time period. This is the listed music that night that troops heard in Southern England gathering en masse for D-day, & what the armaments factory workers heard preparing vehicles & planes for the D-day invasion.

Source: https://youtu.be/qyFZbAjWWG4