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CSLewisDoodle Draw My Life Part 2

Draw My Life – Joy Lewis, Jewish-American Writer (Part 2 of 2)

Description: The story of Joy Lewis, C.S. Lewis’ wife, in her own words, from age 22 (1937) to her conversion from Communism to Christianity at age 31 (1946). (Joy’s first husband was William Gresham. His conversion to Christianity around the same time as Joy was rather short-lived, and he fell into spiritualism and back into extra-marital affairs. In 1954 Joy was divorced by her husband, who had begun a serious romance with Joy’s cousin, whom he later married.

Joy was later married in 1956 to her then friend, C.S. Lewis, in a civil ceremony, in order to prevent her deportation from England (she had been refused permission to stay, in all likelihood due to her former membership in the American Communist Party). On the discovery of terminal breast cancer in 1957, Lewis married Joy properly at her bedside, and they enjoyed a very joyous marriage through her reprieve and until her death in 1960. This doodle ends where the films begin. The story of their romance, Lewis’ grief, and his later recovery was depicted in two major films, the best of which is the BBC’s version in 1985, “Through the Shadowlands” starring Joss Ackland as C.S. Lewis (http://www.amazon.com/Through-Shadowl… ).

Source: https://youtu.be/gKWh87l8-gQ