How Intelligent Design Led to Christian Conversions

Matt Bilyeu was raised in a Christian home but by his senior year in high school he had lost his faith. He went to college to study biology under atheistic professors, but in his 4th year, when studying cellular physiology he realized only God could create life. 6 months later he rededicated his life to Christ and eventually went off to seminary. (5 minutes)

Cell biologist explains how she found faith in a Creator God by studying cell biology (3 minutes)

Chemist Fazele Rana recounts his journey from an agnostic home to Christianity. He shares how the signs of intelligent design in the cell led him to believe in God. (7 minutes)

7-minute testimony of Biology Professor Richard Lumsden converted by his student whose pointed questions about biology led to his conversion. (7 minutes)

Lon Solomon, chemistry student former Jewish atheist, who became a pastor of one the biggest Christian megachurches (McLean Bible) in the USA. Solomon talks about enzymes!

39-minute version of Richard Lumsden’s testimony.

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